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Welcome to Russia 2018

Jack’s Fantasy Football is back for the World Cup 2018! We’re got a lot of changes to this years tournament that we hope everyone will love

Signing up

The first big change you’ll notice is that this is the first year that we are giving the option for managers to sign up through the site. What does that mean? Well, after you sign up, you will be able to message other managers, write status on your wall (or on other managers), add friends and create groups. Don’t forget to upload a display picture (they might be needed later).

Submitting a Team

When the all national teams have confirmed their 23 man squad, we will be able to put up the submission form for everyone to submit their teams. You’re still able to work on your teams before hand using the traditional sheet here. The reason for the difference this year is due to changing over to our new system this year. Once you have submitted your team, other managers will be able to see your team (and you’ll be able to see theirs) as soon as they are submitted.

The rules for selecting your team are the same as they ever have: 4-3-3 formation and only 2 players for any one country. Also, when your player’s country has been eliminated, you can’t pick another player to take their place. Don’t forget to have a look at the rules before submitting your team

When are the games on?

If you want a reminder of when the games kick-off then head over to our Facebook page. We’ve created events for every game confirmed so far. You can ‘Attend’ as many games as you want and it will give you a reminder when it comes time for kick-off.


For this years competition is £8 per entry with all the prize money going to the first 4 places and the number 1 placed manager getting their very own trophy. If you would like to pay through PayPal then just click here. If you would like to make alternative arrangements then please contact or contact us on any of out social media platform.

Thanks for Taking Part

Fantasy football is a massive part of our lives when international tournaments come around and we’d just like to thank you for taking part this year. We want to welcome back all returning mangers and wish all those competing for the first time the best of luck.


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