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Remember those moments of Glory you had during the last Fantasy Football, well here is your chance to relive it all!

Germany 2024

Round 1:Hail The Mighty McClays!!!! 

Round 2: Cat Nips Out In Front!

Round 3: The Rise Of The Fourth Reich!

Round 4: The Fourth Reich Continue Their March To The Top!

Round 5: Springtime for Chris And The Fourth Reich in Germany!

Round 6: ‘Es lo que es.’

Round 7: That’s the way K.C. and his Sunshine Bandlike it!

Qatar 2022

Round 1: Luke-ing down on the rest!

Round 2: ‘L’ Of A Battle!! 

Round 3: O’Brien’s Irish Sandwich!

Round 4: Leo’s Hyperdales Provide Best Value For Money!

Round 5: Leo’s Lionhearts Hope It’s All Over (the) Bar The Shouting!

Round 6: Ayden McDonald is Flying High And Lovin’ It!

Round 7: Young McDonald Has A Win!!!!!

Euro 2020

Round 1: Royal Infirmaries and Medicine GC have the cure!

Round 2: Medicine GC and Royal Infirmaries remain in rude health! 

Round 3: Romelu of the Rovers are leading the life of Reilly!

Round 4: Falconer swoops into the lead!

Round 5: Have Broken Free Free From The Pack!!!

Round 6: Leo Says, ‘Catch Me If You Can!’

Round 7: Leo Tames The Three Lions!

World Cup 2018: Russia

Round 1: Ewan McLean(s) Up!

Round 2: It’s Just Like Easter!

Round 3: Oh! My! God!

Round 4: Isabella’s Red Army March On!

Round 5: a Gentleman, a Scholar, he’s an Acrobat!

Round 6: Dara O’Brien Mocks The Weak!

Round 7: Irish Eyes Are Smiling as Dara Pips Paddy!

European Championship 2016: France

Round 1: Pique Blinder

Round 2:Arise Sir Gary Whitters

Round 3: MoLeicester City Leap into top Spot!

Round 4: Luke-ing up at Reilly

Round 5: Served up with Parmesan Belgrade

Round 6: Have More Points Than They Can Score!

Round 7: King Henry The First

World Cup 2014: Brazil

Round 1: Muller  Nice!!!!!

Round 2: It’s Boiling Hot Calderon……

Round 3: Samba Caramba Masters Maintain Pole Position!!!

Round 4: Boom Boom… Brazil Brush Leads!!!!!

Round 5: Bryan McNaught’s Kaisers Chiefs!

Round 6: Calderon Leads Magnificent Seven!

Round 7: Nao Capitulacao!

European Championship 2012: Poland/Ukraine

Round One: Zizou’s Zouaves Top

Round Two: Just Williams

Round Three: What are we going to do about Maria?

Round Four: Magic !!!!

Round Five: The Magic Roundabout

World Cup 2010: South Africa

Round One:Green Day? More Like ‘American’ Idiot!

Round Two: Vera’s alive: Jack’s Happy!

Round Three: Karl’s Marks

Round Four: Irish Eyes are still smiling as Karl O’Brien Rules!!!!

Round Five:VO’D(Dy) Sinks Rivals!

Round Six: Orange OrRed ? / Owens’ Goal

Round Seven: Stevie Wonder!