Episode 13: Germany FF 2024 Ep 7

It’s the Final: Spain v England. However, who will win this year’s Fantasy Football? David and Jack run through our top ten and explain what will now happen. Enjoy1

Episode 12: Germany FF 2024 Ep 6

FF veteran and England fan, Andrew Parker , gives us the lowdown on how the England side is perceived by their own fans. He also predicts which country will take the Europa Trophy home.

Episode 10: Germany FF 2024 Ep 4

The FF family respond to three simple questions: 1. Can Scotland qualify for the last 16?
                                                                               2. Will England win the Tourney?

Episode 6: Qatar WC Episode 6

It’s the Final count up! David and Jack run through the runners and riders and their final placings in this year’s FF tournament. 

Episode 5: WC Episode 5

The Managers provide 3 WC sides who must meet 2 criterion: play at a World Cup; meet a FF manager!